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Carlos Antunez

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"Be still and Know I am GOD"

                                      Psalm 46:10

Welcome! I am Carlos Antunez. I am passionate about sharing my story about God's love, and seeing people set free, delivered, redeemed, and restored back to the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ!


When I was 27 years old, my mom passed away, and soon after I gave my heart to Jesus. He delivered me from a life of crime and alcoholism. Jesus set me free and I have been living my life for Him ever since. 

My wife and I have faithfully served the Lord in the local church since 2014, where we served in the Children's ministry, Usher and Security ministry, Outreach ministry, and Discipleship ministry. We wore many hats and served in different capacities including leading, teaching, and preaching, but the best part of our journey was connecting with people, and learning and growing together. We truly love people.


After serving in a local church for 6 years, God called us to lead a Gateway Gathering group in Syracuse, NY, where we lived since 2012, after moving from NYC. Our Gateway Gathering is a home-based church gathering under Senior Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church in Southlake, TX. 


In addition to leading Gateway Gathering Syracuse, I minister at Syracuse Adult & Teen Challenge during their chapel service. I also partner with a healing ministry team in the Syracuse area. 

Christina and I are passionate about sharing our journey and leading people to the loving gracious arms of Jesus.


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