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Carlos Antunez

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"Be still and Know I am GOD"

                                      Psalm 46:10

Welcome, I'm Carlos Antunez, I believe in seeing people set free, delivered, redeemed, and restore back to the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ!


When I was 27 yrs old I meet the Lord, after the passing of my mother. He delivered me from alcoholism and a life of crime. Jesus set me free and I have been living my life for Him.

My wife and I have been serving the Lord faithfully we were planted in a local church for 6 yrs, where we preached, led the Children's ministry, Usher and security ministry, and taught equip classes.  He then called us out to start a Gateway Gathering.


Currently, I am ministering during chapel and teaching at Syracuse Adult & Teen Challenge. I also work with a healing ministry in the Syracuse area. 

My wife and I have been living in Syracuse for the past 10 yrs. We moved up to Syracuse from NYC.

Currently, we are Gateway Gathering Leaders in our community, it is a home-based church, with our home church based in Dallas, TX under Senior Pastor Robert Morris. 

Christina and I are passionate about speaking and leading people to the loving gracious arms of our Lord Jesus Christ. 


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